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Lothian: Philip Kerr and the Quest for World Order

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ISBN: 9780313321795

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Author: David P. Billington

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2006



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Philip Kerr was among a group of Oxford graduates that founded The Round Table ("Journal of International Affairs") in 1910, and influenced British foreign policy over the following thirty years. Kerr, as the principal thinker of the group, saw the need for a supra-national grouping and he wanted to organise the British Empire into a federal superstate. The group also sought an Anglo-American alliance, and in 1939 joined a world federation movement that would help to inspire NATO after the war. Important questions raised by this group remain relevant today. Can a supra-national community impose laws and regulations on its members without its governing institutions being more fully accountable to a community-wide electorate? Can hostile nationalism be tamed with such a union? Can it reasonably exclude the United States?

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