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Human Physiology and Anatomy Laboratory Manual

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ISBN: 9789719803690

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Author: Ma. Frieda Z. Hapan, Jocelyn D. Domingo, Ma. Gina M. Sadang

Publisher: C & E Publishing, Inc.

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2015



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Welcome to the exciting world of Human Physiology and Anatomy! As a remarkable body of knowledge, it presents basic information about the different anatomical structures. It explains the fundamental mechanisms by which certain organ systems work-the basis for understanding not only the human body''''''''''''''''s normal state but also its pathologic state. The entire course is composed of 42 exercises covering the different organs and organ systems of the human body. These exercises can be done collaboratively by members of the group with minimal supervision. This laboratory manual is comprehensive and progresses from intended learning outcomes, materials, procedures, observations, and interpretation of results. Human Physiology and Anatomy Laboratory Manual is designed for Pharmacy, Biochemistry, and Medical Technology students. Understanding human physiology and anatomy is one of the first steps to a rewarding career in the medical, paramedical, and allied health professions. This area of study is for the inquisitive, responsible, and focused learners who want to experience the incredible joys of learning through actual discovery.

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